5 Creative Birthday Flower Arrangement To Give

6 October 2021
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Flowers can be the perfect birthday gift, particularly for some people in your life. There are lots of creative options when it comes to arrangement styles.

1. Orchids

There is something about a delicate orchid that makes a recipient feel special and elegant. One of the best ways to give orchids as a birthday gift is to opt for a potted arrangement. Not only can the recipient enjoy the orchid immediately, but it can also be kept and cared for so that it blooms again and again. Orchids come in a variety of colors so you can find one to fit the recipient's personal aesthetic.

2. Succulents

For a gift that keeps on giving consider a succulent arrangement. These living arrangements are potted, much like an orchid, so your recipient has a permanent gift to enjoy. Succulent arrangements come in a variety of styles using a mix of differently textured and colored plants. You can even have an arrangement that features a succulent in bloom. These arrangements may also come in creative containers, such as picture frames or rustic buckets.

3. Flower Sculpture

If you prefer to give a bouquet as opposed to a living plant, but would like something a bit more creative, then look at the available flower sculptures. A variety of blooms and foliage is used to create a sculpture. You can find arrangements designed to look like birthday cakes, animals, or just about anything else that would appeal to the recipient. 

4. Bouquets

Bouquets are a tried and true choice when giving flowers for a birthday. For friends both close and casual, opt for fun bouquets such as a bouquet of bright sunflowers or a mixed bouquet of the recipient's favorite blooms. For a romantic partner, you can't go wrong with a bouquet of roses for a birthday gift. Your florist can add festive touches to the bouquet, such as streamers or miniature balloons on picks. 

5. Money Plant

The birthday money plant isn't the same as the plant by that name. Some florists have techniques that allow you to gift money along with the arrangement you choose. These could be floral picks designed to hold dollar bills folded to resemble flowers or butterflies, for example, which are then added to the bouquet. Some florists also stock vases that have a small pocket in them for adding a cash gift. If all else fails, the cash gift can be tucked into the card pick. 

Contact a florist in your area for more birthday floral arrangement ideas.