6 Sources Of Inspiration For Designing A Flower Bouquet

11 May 2022
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A flower bouquet is a wonderful way to show your appreciation on nearly any occasion. You might not quite know what to do with the bouquet you're planning to send, though. Fortunately, you can look to these 6 possible sources of inspiration.

Seasonal Flowers

One of the simplest sources of inspiration is to look around at the seasonal flowers that are blooming. If it's early May, for example, you might want to throw several tulips in the bouquet. Seasonal flowers appear throughout much of the year, too, so never assume you'll be out of options. If you're not sure what's blooming during a less flowery time of year like the fall, ask your florist or a gardener.

A Spot of Color

Whenever people imagine a flower bouquet, they tend to think of it as brimming with color. You can subvert that expectation, though, but using a spot of color. For example, you might predominantly use white flowers and then set a bright red one on the group to play with expectations. Similarly, you could fill the bouquet with other plants and use a handful of very colorful flowers as accents and focal points.

Flowers as Coded Messages

Many cultural traditions use flowers as symbols to convey messages. For example, different colors of camellias symbolize adoration, longing, or passionate love. Conversely, jasmine was a symbol of amiability in Victorian times.

Use a search engine to check for different ideas, too. Likewise, feel free to explore several cultural traditions to mix things up.


Some of the greatest paintings in history feature flowers, and art makes a ready source of inspiration for a bouquet. Perhaps you have a friend who adores Monet's paintings. You could send them a bouquet that features lilies as a small wink of recognition to their artistic tastes.


The standard bouquet has a particular V-shaped form for convenient carrying. However, you don't have to limit yourself to that form. A bouquet might be spread out in an oval for decorating a table, for example. Even within the traditional V-shaped design, you have options like allowing the bouquet to overflow and cascade down from the base. Modern florists have access to lots of tools to shape bouquets so let your imagination run while you assemble your ideas.

A Single Stem

One of the most elegantly simple types of bouquet uses a single stem. The stem has several flowers, and everything flows upward. Generally, this works best with flowers like hydrangeas and roses that have strong stems to support longer and more elegant structures.