Three Easy Ways To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck When It Comes To The Centerpieces At Your Wedding Reception

29 August 2017
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Weddings can be very expensive, and many brides are now trying to find ways to cut back on their expenses so that they are not left with a ton of debt to pay off after the wedding is said and done. One of the most costly parts of a wedding are the flowers that are used in the bouquets and in the centerpieces at the wedding reception. If you are looking to save money on your flower arrangements, use the following guide for a few tips to make your wedding look amazing without going overboard on the cost of the flowers.

Use a Lot of Inexpensive Flowers to Create a Dramatic Look

A great way to save money on your wedding arrangements is to use large bunches of baby's breath in unique ways. You can place them in large glass jars with small flickering lights in the bottom to create a dramatic look. You can also gather them in bunches with beautiful ribbon and fake pearls and hang them at the end of the aisle in the church where you plan to be married.

Use Unique Containers to Minimize the Number of Flowers You Need to Use

When creating the centerpieces for the tables at your reception, consider using unique containers to minimize the number of flowers that you need to use to create the look you want to create. A great way to create lovely centerpieces with a limited number of flowers is to fill lanterns with the flowers and place them on wooden discs to create a rustic look.

Incorporate Silk Flowers in Areas Where People Cannot Touch or See the Flowers Up-Close

There will be places in the décor where you can use silk flowers instead of real flowers. If no one is going to be able to touch the flowers or see them up-close, there is no reason why you cannot use a silk option. Many florists can make silk flower arrangements just as easily as they can make arrangements with real flowers.

When you go to a florist to discuss having your centerpieces created, take the time to talk to him or her about all of the floral options that are available. There is a good chance that they will know a few other ways to pinch your pennies so that you can get the most beautiful arrangements that you can for the budget you have available.