Buying Birthday Flowers For Your Male Partner

14 September 2017
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Whether you're dating or married, finding birthday gifts for your male partner is challenging. They may buy so many things for themselves that gift-getting is hard, or you simply can't think of anything unique that would do. Flowers might not be something you first considered, but floral arrangements are unexpected and can be something unusual that your husband or boyfriend hasn't received before. To ensure the gesture is successful, though, you'll have to answer these questions.

Does He Like Nature?

If your male partner loves nature, you're already in a good position to purchase flowers for his birthday. Flowers occur in nature of course, and arrangements that make him think of a favorite outdoor spot or a favorite lookout should be on your radar. For instance, if you know he goes hiking through a patch of honeysuckle every week and loves their fragrance when they're in bloom, he's likely to love an arrangement that features a fresh bunch of the flower. If he likes the desert, he could appreciate an arrangement that features a cactus and other desert plants.

What's His Favorite Color?

Pink is probably not at the top of most people's list of flower choices when thinking of a man's birthday. That's because societally, people, including your male partner, tend to associate pink with women and girls. That's not to say that you must steer away from it; if you know he would appreciate a blush pink or delicate colored-flowers, the color pink could work.

Mostly, however, it's smart to focus on what you know his favorite color to be. If his favorite color is purple, for instance, you can find a beautiful array of violets, orchids or lavender that he can display in his office or in the bedroom.

Is He Artistic?

If you're with a man who enjoys all kinds of art, it's a given that he'll be able to appreciate the artistic beauty of flowers. You might opt for an arrangement that looks as if it's a piece you'd see in a modern art museum, or you could choose orchids, which are simple but visually striking.

Does He Have Allergies?

For the most part, fragrant flower choices are suitable for men because most people enjoy pleasant odors. However, if you know he gets hay fever or has other allergies, you may want to steer toward flowers that don't release much odor, such as daffodils, begonias and geraniums.

Your male partner is likely to be charmed by a birthday gift of flowers if you choose wisely. Discuss him with local florists to arrange the perfect bouquet. For more information, visit websites like