Some Of 2018's Best Wedding Trends

18 March 2018
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If you're looking forward to walking down the aisle to meet the love of your life at the altar at some point during the year, you're in luck -- 2018 offers some of the loveliest wedding trends in years. Here's what you need to know about this year's wedding trends.

Dresses Are Dreamy

This year's wedding dresses have a lot of dainty embellishments such as bows, lots of lace, and sewn-in beads and seed pearls. Flowing lines and asymmetrical hemlines are also are a part of the picture this year, and if recent years' trends toward colored gowns didn't appeal to you, you'll be glad to know that the classic white wedding dress is back. However, this year it's often seen with pastel accents such as stitching and sashes. 

Flowers Are Fabulous

This year's "It" color for wedding flower arrangements is gold. You'll see all shades of it in everything from bouquets to altar flowers to centerpieces on the tables at the reception. Hues range from the sunny yellow of wild buttercups to deep burnished golden or ripe peach tones of certain types of roses. Other wedding flower trends include:

  • Wreaths being carried down the aisle instead of traditional bouquets
  • Moss being used in place of ferns and other traditional greenery
  • The inclusion of herbs in the bride's bouquet
  • Locally sourced flowers instead of those grown in hothouses half a world or more away 

This year's wedding bouquets are also more likely to have a free-form design rather than to present a formally arranged appearance. 

Cuisine is Creative 

This year's wedding food trends don't follow a strict format -- the key is creativity with a preference toward local sourcing. Regional, down-home cooking also has a place at the table this year. Expect to see the unexpected at this year's festive wedding feasts such as pizza and even burger bars. Many modern brides are also opting for vegan or vegetarian repasts made up of multiple dishes instead of the traditional main dish containing meat and several sides. Floral flavors and embellishments in signature drinks are all the rage this year. 

However, keep in mind that trends should serve as guidelines and inspiration rather than as style blueprints for your special day. Naturally, wedding trends aren't always suitable for everyone. If your heart is set on carrying an armful of old-school cabbage roses down the aisle, don't let a trend depicting daisies or irises stop you. 

For more information on flower arrangements for your big day, contact your local flower service.