Buying The Perfect Last-Minute Bouquet: 4 Tips For Getting The Best Blossoms

16 July 2018
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In this hectic world, it's easy to forget even the most important occasions. Whether it's an anniversary or a promotion, there are times you need to celebrate something last minute. Same day flower delivery can help. Here's what you need to know if you're trying to buy flowers online.

1. Try to Get Unique Flowers

Everyone is sending roses on Valentine's day. If you're trying to send roses last minute, you may get some wilted, bruised flowers in return. On the other hand, if you send something unique such as lilies or orchids, you may have better luck. Try to look for flowers that are "in season" but not necessarily popular for the occasion that you're sending them for. Otherwise, it's very likely your florist may be out.

2. Call the Florist Directly After You Order

After you put in a request for an arrangement online, you'll usually be connected directly to the florist delivering it. If you're purchasing a bouquet for a special occasion, you can call the florist up and talk to them directly.

Most arrangements are going to have some number of substitutions; for instance, if they don't have white daisies, they may instead place white carnations. Talking to them gives you more control over these substitutions, and ultimately over the look and feel of the bouquet. 

3. Check the Cut Off Times

There are usually cut off times for same day delivery, depending on the area that you're sending the flowers to. With most online florist, you can enter in the zip code that is being delivered to, and they will show you the cut off times. 

Always check this in advance, because the cut off time in the area you're sending flowers may be different from the cut off time in your area. It may also differ during peak flower days, such as Mother's Day.

4. Don't Worry If They Don't Look Like the Picture

The best florists actually send out their arrangements just before the flowers have fully bloomed. This isn't any reason to panic: just wait. In a couple of days, all the flowers will have bloomed quite nicely. This ensures that the bouquet lasts a long time.

Buying flowers online is a convenient way to show people that you care, whether they're friends, family members, or a significant other. With the above tips, you should be able to "wow" them with your thoughtfulness... even if it was a little belated.

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