Flower Types And Their Intended Purposes

1 April 2020
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If you're looking to gift flowers to a family member, friend, or colleague, you may be wondering which flower arrangement to choose. Flower shops have some gorgeous arrangements featuring a variety of flower options. Depending on the occasion or reason for sending a flower arrangement, you may want to pick a certain flower option. We've done the research for you! Keep reading to learn more about flower types and their intended purpose: 

Healing Flowers 

If you have a loved one who is dealing with sickness or another health issue, sending flowers is a nice idea. Daises are a nice choice because they're cheerful and can help brighten one's mood. Hydrangeas are another excellent option because they symbolize perseverance. You might also look for an arrangement featuring pansies because they represent loving thoughts.

Sympathy Flowers

If you know someone who is dealing with the loss of a family member or friend, sending flowers is a thoughtful idea. Lilies are a good option because they symbolize the restored innocence of the soul. White carnations are often part of a sympathy flower display because they convey love and innocence. Orchids are another great flower choice to express sympathy because they represent eternal love. 

Birthday Flowers

There's no better way to celebrate a loved one's birthday than by sending them a flower arrangement. They can look at the flowers and remember that you're thinking of them on their special day. Gerbera daisies are a nice option because they symbolize beauty and cheerfulness. You can also look for arrangements that are seasonal or that represent your loved one's specific birthday month.

Love Flowers

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, sending flowers for Valentine's Day, or just in the mood to show someone you love them, sending flowers is recommended. Red roses are the perfect way to express love. Tulips are also an excellent choice because they also symbolize love. 

No matter what flowers you choose, using a local florist is a good plan. They have the experience and knowledge needed to do the job right. If you're having a hard time choosing which flowers to send, you can take a look at their gorgeous arrangements and pick a pre-selected option. They can also answer your questions and help you make a decision based on your reason for sending flowers. Contact a flower delivery shop in your area to learn more or to begin shopping for flowers.